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We are disappoint.
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Modfail: For when your RP mod fails you.
Have a particularly bad mod you want to rant about?
Any dimwitted announcements that your mod has made?
Any stupid mods that you as a mod have to work with?

That's what modfail is for.

Rant your heart out.

Rules. Failure to follow them will get you extremely bitten.

Keep it nice. Towards others, anyway. If a stupid moderator deserves it, they deserve it.

This ONLY pertains to the moderators of roleplays. Particularly stupid ones, too.

DO NOT link to other's personal LJs. That's an obvious one.

Please, please no trying to advertise your roleplay here. That's not what this is for.

We here at modfail understand that there ARE good mods out there. We just also hope you understand that there are really bad ones.

IF A FLAME WAR ERUPTS both parties get a warning. ;) Equal opportunities GAIZ.

FOR LONG ENTRIES: use an LJ cut.
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